Have a peek here for great debating resources!

Links to other debating resources have been added below. Drop me a line with links if you know of other good resources out there!

Here are some templates that I have created to help you understand how to format your speech.

An Australian debating resource-provider, Masters Academy, have several free coaching materials (pdf files) here, which are very useful. I've included direct links below, which will open the pdf files in another window, or you can right-click and choose "save file as..."

Other basic resources to help you:

Adjudication support materials:

If there are any dead links, drop me a line and I'll fix it up as soon as possible. Good luck with your debating endeavours!

Great Debating Links for Teachers

Enjoy finding the resources that suit your students and situation best!

For public speaking resources, have a look at this page. The pdf at the bottom of the page is quite handy, and the prezi should help as a starting point for discussion on what public speaking can look like.